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Basics Not Basic|Reconstructed White Button Down

A white button down shirt should be a staple in everybody’s wardrobe regardless of style, gender or what not, right? But this is actually one of the very few (maybe 2) I own and I recently analyzed my wardrobe and realized I have to start investing more in basic items.

Basics make up a wardrobe and are so important because they can always be dressed down or dressed up to look not basic, hence the title. The white button down shirt is a timeless fashion piece that has walked the runway and the fashion scene a countless number of times in various ways.






If you’re like me and like twisting things to your taste then you would love how easy it is to reconstruct the shape and style of the white shirt. And it doesn’t lose its beauty or timelessness.  I am particularly into one hand outfits and decided to wear my white shirt with one sleeve and use the other sleeve as a belt to accentuate my figure. I think it worked out brilliantly.

The only problem I had was finding a place to fix the sleeve I wrapped around my waist but I just used safety pins to hook it to the back of my shirt.



I rocked this outfit with a pair of blue strappy heels(that I have definitely worn the life out of, we all have those  right?). For a more casual look, I changed to a pair of white sneakers from DressLily and I feel that absolutely transformed the look to a more sporty chic look.



Shirt- His Closet


Heels-Dune London


Thanks For reading guys! Which look do you prefer, the outfit with the heels or the sneakers? Do let me know in the comments section!

And an extra picture, this is actually my favorite! 




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