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Find out how I lost my blog content

Hey guys, These past few weeks have been so bad for me, I lost all the content on my blog. I’m bombarded with undone school work and so on. At a point I decided to just give up but then I thought if something as trivial as losing my content (not so trivial though) can make me give up, then what will happen when worse lemons are thrown at me.

How did I lose my blog content? I was trying to migrate between word press hosts. Personally, I know I’m not so technically savvy but i thought I could handle it and then BOOM!!! I woke up one morning only to discover an email from my previous host telling me my blog has been cancelled and this was before I downloaded my blog content.

I decided to look on the bright side of things, previously I might not have been the most consistent or engaging blogger but I have consciously decided to improve on that now and also starting afresh has some sort of ginger that comes with it and I’m just so excited to be back blogging.

So I’m excited to have you all on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy it. Also, to my fellow bloggers, Make sure you have plugins that back up your site daily or weekly. Trust me , You do NOT want to lose your content.

With Love,


Use the comments section below to share your thoughts. Has this ever happened to you or any fellow blogger and how do you think you would cope?



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