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Tips|Makeup Hacks that have saved my life

It’s been quiet over here lately and I’ve been like so stressed. Last week, I came down with a fever but I am better now, just a little weak. I never got around to wishing you guys Happy Valentine and I know it’s way past time now but I hope you’re still showing love to the people around you and to yourself most importantly.

Personally, I enjoy doing make up but I would not say i’m a pro at it so this is just a quick post about the tips and tricks I use to make my intermediate and budget friendly make up look as good as the ‘pros’.

1. Use lighter shade foundation as a brow concealer

When highlighting my brows, I normally prefer to use foundation, one shade lighter than my skin tone. This is because it saves me the stress and time of trying to blend a overly light concealer under my brow.

I am definitely not a favorite of unblended concealer so I rather just use a foundation,  which is easier to blend in. This might cost a few more, but It’s absolutely worth it.

2. Use a blowdryer on dried up gels.

I prefer to use gels when drawing my eyeliner so this leads to me having lots of dried up gel containers in my makeup purse. I decided to research on a way to bring these gels back to life and I found out that heat helps in reviving them.

I saw to pop the gel liner in a microwave but I think that can easily cause it to break and I would have no control over the amount of heat. I decided to try with a hair dryer and it has worked perfectly for me every time.

Bonus– Add one or two drops of coconut oil before using the blow dryer. It gives the finished gel mixture a creamy texture. (See the rhyming there!)

3.Use a normal loose powder to set the face.

When I started highlighting and contouring, I thought I would never be able to get it right because of how expensive setting powders are. One day I decided to use my black opal loose powder and it set it as good as the pricey powders and since then my highlighting/contouring routine has been bomb!

4. For Natural looking brows/’No time brows’

These are the brows I draw for my everyday make up look. They take me less than 15 minutes. The major key to this is a cotton swab. It is used just the way you would use a concealer/foundation to clean off brow excesses.

To get an extra natural brow, I normally run the cotton swab over the brow a couple of times.

Bonus-I usually use a little bit of bronzer under the brow to sort of brighten that area and give the illusion that I concealed my brows. And also, you know, to get that glow!!!

What hacks do you guys use when putting on makeup? Do let me know in the comments section! Also Don’t forget to download my free Ebook by clicking the tab on the top right corner!




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