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Skin care| Unboxing the Albimazing box

Happy New Year guys! Last year ended on a very good note for me as the good people at Albimazing held a contest which I won. They sent me their December beauty box as a gift and it definitely made my Christmas especially because it came at the exact time when I decided to start with a regular skin care routine. Normally, I just use any product I find for my skin and I realized this has been taking a toll on my skin as it’s becoming so dry especially in this harmattan.

I have always wanted to try out a beauty box but procrastination won’t let me so I was really glad when I got this. I love the fact that you actually don’t know what products you are getting, I love surprises! Also getting a beauty box is definitely much cheaper than getting the products individually. When the box first arrived, I was immediately attracted because of the vibrant colours and packaging.

The first box was themed the Vitamin C box, which is very thoughtful as the skin needs a lot of vitamins to help rejuvenate it in this dry period.


VITAMIN C DAILY EXFOLIATING FACE WASH – This product is from the brand, L’avyanna skin naturals. This brand focuses on producing top notch skincare products from natural ingredients. This exfoliating wash particularly contains botanical fruit extracts and is paraben free. It is currently sold at £9.99(which is about 6000  Naira!)

KONJAC FACE SPONGE – I’ve been looking forward to owning some products from Ajali Handmade naturals and this konjac sponge has been on the top of my list! This Konjac sponge comes in no flavor and is therefore perfect for sensitive skin. The price of this Konjac sponge is 2000 Naira.

P.s – Konjac sponges have short livespans and should be disposed off after a month of constant usage or two months of inconsistent usage!


This is a product from Shea butter roots. Personally, I’ve never been fond of the smell of Ori (Shea butter) and that led to me not using it depriving my skin of the much needed benefits. So when I smelt this whipped shea butter, I was overjoyed. Finally one I could use and it also feels very soft and smooth on the skin. This retails at 1500 Naira.



 This product by Mint Organic care is one of my favorite because it’s the same color palette with my blog. It contains Epsom salt and Himalayan sea salt,an optimal blend of carrier and essential oils. This product retails for 4000 Naira.


Moringa is one of those things that is slept on but has a whole lot of benefits for the skin. This  oil can also be used for all skin types, be it dry, oily or combination. The price of the 15ml bottle is uncertain but for 100 ml it’s 4950 Naira. So 15 ml should be about 750 Naira.

The Albimazing  beauty box retails at 10,000 Naira and includes all these amazing productswhich  retail st 14250 Naira. Obviously anyone who subscribes is getting more value for their cash, It’s an amazing deal. Another thing I like about subscription boxes is that it is such an amazing way to treat yourself which should be done more in 2017.

You can subscribe to the beauty box at the Albimazing website and You can subscribe to my blog here!

Do any of you subscribe to beauty boxes and have any of you guys used these products? Looking forward to your reply and thoughts in the comments section!

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