The 5||Practical ways to rock the Pajama trend and tips to pull it off like a pro

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The 5||Practical ways to rock the Pajama trend and tips to pull it off like a pro

The Pajama trend is still going strong and I’m all for it because it means fashion is getting comfier as time passes which is definitely a good sign for us fashion enthusiasts! This trend is no longer reserved for the bedroom anymore. We’ve seen it appear in a number of runways such as Alexander Wang and Celine.

Many people understandably, (including me as I’ve not yet tried it) still find it a little out of our comfort zone and that’s okay because it is quite a bold trend. There are many ways to style this “underwear as outerwear” dress and the great thing is you can totally put a street style, casual spin on it. I researched on practical ways we can all join on this trend and  put our own spin on it.

I, however believe that with smart styling/accessorizing you can pull off this trend and not looked like you are about to get into bed or out of it. Here are 5 smart ways to pull off the pajama trend:

1. The Matching sets: 

When people hear pajama trend, most people’s minds tends to think along the lines of pajama co-ordinates. But that is only one of the many ways to rock the pajama trend. It is definitely a fun way to break out of your regular wear!

Bonus Tip –Printed sets need to be handled carefully as they can easily make one look costumey. They should be toned down with plain jackets or belts.

2. The Slip Dresses/Cami:

This is actually my personal favorite as they can easily be layered. This could transform an outfit to a whole different level. You can pair it with sneakers and it becomes casual or wear your highest heels for a night out. Which ever way the slip dresses are a fun way to rock the pajama trend!

Bonus Tip-If wearing the slip dress alone isn’t your thing- You can layer with a jacket or you can even wear a simple, plain t-shirt underneath your slip dress.

3. Corsets:

This 90’s trend sure is making waves but has to be worn with caution as it is easy to look tacky. They have the ability to give more shape and structure to your outfit. In my opinion, to modernize a corset, it is best worn with a plain white shirt!

Bonus Tip: If a corset is too bold/far fetched you can try out a corset belt first and see how that goes!


                                                                               J’adore fashion

4. The Silk Robes

This can be worn instead of traditional jackets and cover ups, as they are comfortable while still being stylish and sexy. They are also perfect for layering. This would probably be my first try to wearing underwear or ‘boudoir’ wear as outer wear.


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5. Separates

Last but not least is to wear the pajama set as separates instead of as a co-ord. You can wear a Pajama top with loose fitting pants or layer a white shirt/ blazer on pajama pants. Either way, this is a cool way of rocking the pajama trend without going full head on into it.

J’adore fashion

Are you a fan of the Pajama trend and  which is your favorite way to rock this trend ? Let me know in the comments section! Also What do you guys think of the new blog theme?

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