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Places||Dinner at RSVP Lagos|Menu Included

Hi guys, How has August been? With less than four months away from the end of 2017, I hope you all have been smashing those goals. If not, don’t stress, you just need to put in more conscious effort! So another restaurant review on the blog today. Check out the previous one here.

Last Friday, I got the chance to have dinner with a couple of amazing people at RSVP Lagos. If you follow me on Instagram (you should) then you should have seen the updates on my story and I got so many questions in my dm about how good the food is, their menu, prices, etc and I decided to share it in one consolidated post. So let’s dig right into it.


I got to the restaurant at about 6:30 pm and I was glad it was not full as I did not make a reservation previously. I instantly loved the vibe the restaurant gave, and the setting of the whole place.



Appetizer– I had the BBQ Pork sliders and to be honest I did not really enjoy it. I did not even know it was a burger until they brought it to our table. It cost N5,400 for 3 burgers and for the price, it seemed okay but I wouldn’t advise you to try this when visiting

I could not even finish it ugh.

Main dish

Unfortunately my main dish was also a burger and after the first one, I did not put my hopes up at all. To my surprise it was 10 times better than the first one and apparently this burger is one of the main reasons people visit the restaurant. Though the onions were a bit too raw for my liking, and the fries, a bit too dry for my liking but all in all, my main meal was great.

The Pornstar Martini 

I got this drink three times! One drink, three whole times. Yes it was that amazing. I loved the passion fruit/champagne taste that accompanied the pineapple taste. It was delicious though turns out after I forced my friends to get the drink, they were not as in love with it as I was. Guess their taste buds were not functioning too well cos that drink was the

Overall score-6.5/10-The restaurant had a lovely ambience and extremely polite attendants even though the food was not super great. I might not find myself rushing back there for a night out except to have a sip of their Pornstar Martini!

More Food Pictures 

The Rabbit Parpadelle: Rabbit meat and Pasta(My friend’s main dish)

Fish and Chips-My other friend’s main dish


RSVP Lagos Full Menu Below

Thanks guys for reading my review of RSVP Lagos. I hope it was useful to you in one way or the other. Leave me a comment below of your fave restaurant in Lagos and I may check it out for my next night out!

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