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Hey darlings, So earlier this week, I had the chance of going to a Chinese restaurant to eat with my friends. Before going we really wanted to find a budget friendly but still up to standard restaurant and we searched the Internet endlessly to no avail but we just decided to try our luck and go to anyone. We had to go to one on the Lagos mainland because going to the Lagos Island is a journey for me lol. So we decided on Sunrise Chinese restaurant in Ikeja very close to the Ikeja city mall.
Sunrise Chinese restaurant Ikeja review and prices my fashion musings
On getting to the restaurant, it did not look too attractive, It’s a yellow building with not very attractive decor. The restaurant is a bit smaller than expected but it’s good for an intimate day out because it’s really quiet. I saw some Chinese people and I thought damn it’s going to be so expensive(I just have the mentality that when actual Chinese people are cooking the food,it’ll taste nice but definitely be more expensive)
I ordered vegetable fried rice with shrimps and shredded chicken in chili sauce. Also I ordered some spring rolls as an appetizer. The spring rolls were my best part as they tasted so nice and dipping them in chili sauce made my day. Also the chicken sauce was also very nice but I was a bit disappointed by the fried rice and I ended up just picking out the shrimps and eating my chicken sauce.
After sitting down, the waiters were not friendly, they were polite but they did not seem approachable or cordial. They handed the menu to us. Their prices are quite budget friendly and standard. Below are some pictures of the menu
There was an added tax of about 600 Naira which I think is actually okay unlike some restaurants that charge 1500 VAT.
This was my receipt for a meal for 4 people who have large appetites, the restaurant was relatively cheap!
Altogether it was an okay experience and it’s a restaurant worth going to, Maybe their disappointing vegetable fried rice was a one time thing.
Have any of you guys visited this restaurant and how was your experience? Is there any restaurant you’ll like to recommend?

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