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Outfit|Maximalist vibes this Valentine

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the minimalist style as I have seen quite a lot of digital influencers rock it effortlessly in the past few years. Personally, style, for me, is ever-changing.  I wouldn’t even want to box myself in by saying I have one particular style. And while I am definitely not about to let go of geometric and clean-lined pieces, I just can’t stay away from color, prints and mixing them for too long! I know someday, I’ll probably develop my own unique style but then, that’s why I have a blog. To document every bit of my journey into the world of Fashion and Style. (Incase you missed my last outfit post on minimal fashion, check it out here)

Being a Maximalist requires having a good eye for color and prints as it takes just little effort to look like a clown or a carnival worker! Although I am no pro yet, but I’m going to be sharing a few tips on how to look good in maximalist fashion below:

  • Start small- When mixing prints, start by mixing prints in the same group. Like horizontal and vertical stripes, etc. Then when you get comfortable, you can now take bigger risks.
  • It’s always a good idea to mix a loud solid color and light, airy prints just like I did in my outfit. I wore a Red solid color top with a pair of flowery palazzo pants (actually a jumpsuit).

  •  To tone down your outfit a little, I suggest using minimal accessories Such as neutral colored bags/shoes and gold/silver accessories. This will also help to focus the attention on the outfit.
  • Accentuate details in your outfits such as oversized sleeves/flares, large bows, gold zippers, graphic displays and pleats. (These are just a few of my favorites)
  • Go forth and stop traffic with your outfit!


Bonus Tip-Always wear what you feel comfortable in! If you think your style is minimalist but you still like color and patterns, you can still incorporate them into your outfit without overriding your style!  You know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a pattern explosion; you can still stay true to a muted color palette and go oversize in volume, shape and details!




Top – Wanger Ayu



Is it just me or is this outfit giving major Valentine vibes also? Do you prefer a Minimalist or Maximalist style, do let me know in the comments section! Oh, and what do you guys think of my outfit?

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