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No makeup, Makeup look ft Glossy Lids

Apart from the fact that I barely have time to do serious makeup daily, I love the effortless look gotten when I have this no makeup, makeup look on. I decided to also try out the glossy lids trend I saw everywhere throughout 2017 and I actually regretted not trying it earlier. Like, its lip gloss, something every girl has in her makeup purse and it gives such a beautiful finish. This makeup look takes me no more than 5 minutes to complete (I actually timed myself) and I bet once you try it once, you’d probably want to use it everyday.

Subomi Salami of My Fashion Musings with a No makeup, makeup look


IĀ  recently started taking my skincare routine very seriously and have seen major improvements in my skin texture. I applied my Nivea moisturizer after washing my face but did not use a foundation for this look. This is to keep the look fairly simple and I usually run lots of errands during the day and foundation is not the best on a busy day.

If you plan on using a foundation to achieve this no makeup, makeup look, I recommend using one that is very light weight with good coverage but still lets your skin look like skin such as the Maybelline Fit me Foundation.


Subomi Salami of My Fashion Musings with a No makeup, makeup look


I start with filling in my brows with a brown pencil and then using a cotton bud to clean out the excesses. This gives the same effect as concealing the brows but without the extra layer of concealer. I also use the cotton bud to run across the brow to lighten it up and make it look natural.

After I take a drop of my Ushas golden glitter lip gloss and apply it on my eyelids. I then darken my waterline and use my mascara.


My golden lipgloss made me fall in love with the gloss lip all over again. I am literally obsessed and have thrown all my matte lipsticks to the bottom of my stash. I apply this on my lips and smack, smack, smack!


To seal up the look, I use the Zaron Mattifying powder all over my face. I love this powder because it has a very nice texture and doesn’t leave the face appearing powdery. After this I then use the Classic Mist & Fix Setting Spray to put the dewy in my look.


This is the last step but the most important for me as I love to glow from the inside out! I used my Sleek Highlight Palette and applied it on the arch of my brow and my tear duct area. I didn’t apply any highlighter to my cheekbones as I wanted to keep this look really simple and Voila this look was done.

This is a very easy no makeup, makeup look that can elevate your look in 5 minutes or less.

Are you guys going to try it out? Also have you guys used any of the products I mentioned, how was it?

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