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Life Update|March Tales

Happy new month guys!! And just like that the first quarter of 2017 has passed by. This year has been amazing so far, with little goal accomplishments here and there! Anyway, I’m starting my school exams in about 2 or 3 weeks and would take a blog break once I start. I’m a student before a blogger definitely. So just to let you guys know what has been up in my life, hence this post:


Good Icecream. So happy that Icecream Factory is now on the Mainland, Maryland mall to be exact. Can’t wait to go home! Also craving new shoes too.

In awe of-

 Stephanie of, I recently did a GIRLPOWER post on her. And also all bloggers who have managed to remain consistent in posting on their blogging while also working a 9-5, schooling or managing some side hustle. You guys are the real MVP’s and anytime I’m about to lose motivation, you guys definitely keep me inspired.


I was at home rn and done with this uni of a thing

Irritated by-

The weather. My school is at Ogun state and the weather literally switches up whenever it likes. Now it’s cool, next thing you’re roasting. Thank God for hand fans!


Happy that I’ve been getting contacted by way more brands than usual! Watch this space, Collaborations coming up soon. I would also love to collaborate with more bloggers this summer and let’s not make location a barrier. So If you have any idea, feel free to shoot me a mail or send me a dm on Instagram here(p.s-I’d see your message faster on there)


My braids,they get me comments evertime! Also my Salvatore Ferragamo perfume I received as a gift and hoping it lasts forever. ICYMI There’s a post on how to ensure your perfume lasts the longest it can on the blog!



Girl Power by Sophie Amaruso. It’s interesting to see how Sophie rose to become the CEO of Nasty gal. Nice read, I must say! And my books, Exams are like in two weeks and I gotta make sure I’m ready!

Determined to- 

Take more outfit posts. I have so many ideas in my head and no photographers to help bring these ideas to life. So If you’re a photographer and you want to create beautiful content, Contact me or you can dm me on Instagram.

Excited to-

Go home and thrift. Most times, I think I always go thrifting on the bad days because I either don’t find anything or it’s  way expensive. This holiday, I’m definitely going to try my luck at thrifting again!

How was March like for you guys, Any thing you’d like to share? Do let me know in the comments section!

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