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Life update|2018 so far

It’s been a long ass time since my last life update post and I know this type of post is usually a favorite among my readers so here I am again.

January and February were definitely two opposing months. January was like 100 years and February literally sprinted by. In the space of these two months, a lot has happened – I’ve felt happy, sad, unmotivated, excited, laughed a lot and also cried a lot.

In my first post this year, I outlined my goals for 2018 and so far I’ve been consistently achieving a few of my goals. But I need to work harder and become more intentional about ticking those goals off.


Admiring: The way I have handled some lemons life threw to me in the past two months. I broke major attachments and stopped doing things I thought I could not live without. I’m constantly loving how I’m surpassing what I thought my strengths were. This year is definitely the year to woman up and do the things that would better myself.

Listening: To a lot of Nigerian music. I don’t know if I’m the only one who is always lazy to download music. I can listen to the same album for ages but last month I went on a music download spree and I’m loving afrobeat tunes currently.

Thanking: All the brands that sponsored my giveaways especially @naysarudolfeyewear. They decided to send me 2 extra pair of glasses to try out myself. And so far, I’ve been absolutely loving them.

Subomi Salami wearing sunglasses

Subomi Salami wearing sunglasses

Determined: To not just exist. Last month, I wasted a lot of time doing nothing and not being intentional about the things I needed to do. In the future, I plan to actively participate in things around me and not just laze around all the time.

Wearing: Only corporate clothes as my university has a rule where students must dress formally. Don’t worry, I’d be graduating in July.

Anticipating: Big changes I would be making to my blog soon, I can’t wait to share them with y’all and I hope you guys would be as excited. I’m also seriously anticipating my university graduation, I know everyone says adulting is hard. But I can’t wait to be the one telling people too.

Loving: My new Ellie Saab Perfume. One of my goals this year is to splurge and spend more money on myself. I think I am achieving this goal quite nicely as you can see.

Understanding: That time heals everything and if you’re in a position where you think letting go is not possible, trust me it is. At the end of the day, you’d be fine, probably even better.

Hoping: I get to achieve my travel goals this year. I would be doing a post about this soon and letting you guys in on the very realistic places I plan to visit this year.

Inspired by: Everything around me. We are in the spring season and all the flowers around are blooming beautifully. It’s very hard to not be inspired by this kind of beauty.

Planning: To do a pixie cut hairstyle. I’m quite unsure about this look as I’ve never done it before, but what’s life if we don’t try new things right? I’d let you guys know how this goes and leave updates on my Instagram page (p.s you should follow me)

Reading: A lot of my school books because I can’t survive an extra year. I’ve also read two other books this year, Dating Intelligently by Laju Iren and No Excuses by Brian Tracy.

Craving: Slip camis, shorts and summer outfits. I’m already prepping myself for this summer because it’s going to be lit asf. I plan to explore Lagos more, meet new people, go for parties basically just live my life to the fullest before the main adulting starts.

Excited about: A new gadget coming soon for the blog. I’m legit so excited about this as it will up my blogging game up a notch. I know what most of you are thinking, No it’s not a camera. I plan to get that later in the year.

Thanks a lot for reading. Let me know how your January/February has been in the comments section!

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