Life Update & Graduation Tidbits

Life Update & Graduation Tidbits

Your best girl is now a graduate and it’s the absolute best feeling ever! This is one of the best gifts this year has given to me, it’s not easy to spend 4 years in school and I’m beyond glad to be done with that phase.

This year has been a little shaky for me, I’ve had different things happening at different times. Hence why I have not been super consistent, but I am grateful for growth notwithstanding!¬†This life update post has been long coming and I almost pushed it away entirely. But recently, I decided to publish this one to let you guys know what’s been up with me!


Happy: About my new phone! Remember the blog gadget I was talking about in this post, I got it now. Thanks to this phone, my pictures are a lot crispier at least till I get a camera. I’m also happy about having a bit of extra time now to perfect my creating process.

Listening to: A lot of Billie Eilish songs. I discovered her through a convo on twitter and my music game has totally upped since then. Came as a shock to me that she’s just 17 years as she sings with so much depth. You should check her out, you definitely would not regret it. I also really like Burna boy’s new single Gbona.

Appreciating: All my blog readers and Instagram followers! I have not been the most faithful blogger in terms of consistent posting but still my blog stats have refused to drop, you guys are just the best.

Loving: My Marc Jacobs decadence perfume. I won the perfume in a giveaway contest and it had to be shipped from London so it took a while getting here. The smell is a tad woody and not as feminine as the perfume I usually wear, but its smells really great!

Watching: Insecure season 3! This is one of my favorite series to be honest and I just love how easy it is to watch and enjoy. I also recently finished watching Money Heist (which is a spanish series) but is so amazing!

Excited about:¬†LFDW 2018! I attended the Lagos Fashion week for 2016 but could only attend 1 day. Now that I’m finally done with school, I can’t wait to attend all days from beginning to the end. Well, not from the beginning to the end, seeing as I have work. I’d only be attending on Friday and Saturday.

Irritated by: A lot of Nigerian brands. I have recently been getting a lot of collaboration requests and the one thing in common with most is I’m expected to receive products as my compensation. Once I bring up an influencer budget or a rate card, they go AWOL. Free products are definitely not going to pay my photography bill, or return value for my time so.

Visiting: A lot of Lagos hot spots. Recently I have been to a couple of restaurants Brass & Copper, The House, Bungalow, RSVP, Ice cream factory, etc. I also went to the Arts and Crafts market at Jakande, scored myself a woven bag at an unbelievable price and got another for free.


Oh I also received roses for the first time. Although I’m not the best florist ever as they died before the week was over.

This life update post is a very short summary on all that has been up with me because if I go into details, we wouldn’t leave here today. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing.

Let me know how you have been in the comment section below!

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