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Life Lately + My 1 Year Blogiversary

Sometimes its really weird when I look back and see how fast 2017 has passed by. The first thing I do when the year ends is check my goals and how many I have achieved. This year was good to me, yes there were slip-ups and all but I actually achieved most of my goals!

It’s definitely amazing to be crossing this milestone and I am super hyped to share this with all of you. I am glad I did not quit blogging even after I lost all my content earlier in my blogging journey. Sometimes I wonder why I continued after that bad mishap but then blogging is something I  enjoy doing. I could not think of a life without it. Also I am grateful for all the love and encouraging comments I have received on here, they have truly been the most crucial factor in my journey.

So what have I been up to so far? 

Honestly, I have just been spending the bulk of my time as a full time final year student currently writing exams and my undergraduate project. Exams finished last weekend so I definitely have more free time on my hand now.

Also I am pretty excited as I am going to host my first blog giveaway sometime this month to mark my blogversary and share some Christmas love.

I hate unexpected expenses so when my laptop fell yesterday and the screen broke – it was not a good experience. And I can’t deal with broken screens so I need to find a way to fix this silly laptop.

Problems I have faced in my blogging journey?

I’d say the biggest issue I have faced is finding photographers to take pictures of my outfits. I know this is one of the main issues faced by a lot of fashion bloggers and I plan to solve this by getting my own camera soon.

Another big problem I have encountered was losing my blog content. This would definitely leave anyone feeling unmotivated and uninspired and I sure did feel that way. But after a while, I decided to look at the bright side – I could start afresh and avoid mistakes made in my past experience and that’s exactly what I did.

What’s New for the Blog?

Now that I am a one year old blogger I would be adding a blog tips section to the blog. There are some little things I have learnt on my journey that might be beneficial to another blogger out there. The Girlpower section on the blog has not been updated in a while so if there’s anyone you would like to see featured, just shoot an email or dm.

Getting a professional camera was one of my goals this year that has not been crossed out yet but I hope to do this as early as next year. I’m looking to purchase the Sony mirrorless cameras mainly due to quality and portability (Any other suggestions would be welcome!)

I tweaked my blog theme a lot this year but I think I have finally settled with one that I am utterly in love with. But I would love to know how you guys feel about the theme and blog in general as this would help me improve. Help me fill this 1 minute survey so I can use the feedback to improve my blog!

From my stats, these are the posts that have received the most loving this year.

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The 5| Things to do when you feel overwhelmed by blogging

I’m sure if you have not seen any of these posts, you would absolutely enjoy them. Check it out and let me have your feedback by filling the blog survey form above! I would really appreciate it.





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