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LFDW Report| The five collections I loved most


Hello everyone, First off, Happy new month guys, The Lagos Fashion and design week which held last week has been one of the greatest fashion events in Nigeria. I attended LFDW for the first time this year but could only attend the last day of the show due to school work but I really enjoyed myself.

I decided to compile a list of my 5 fave collections and attach pictures so those that did not attend would have an idea of how good Nigerian designers are becoming. Kudos to them.

So my favorite collections in no particular order.


I loved the use of bell sleeves in this collection and the color palette was impressive, a lot of peaches oranges and greens. Very pretty to look at. Also I loved the incorporation of flowers to add more drama to the pieces.

subomi-salami-at-lfdw subomi-salami-at-lfdw1 subomi-salami-at-lfdw2 subomi-salami-at-lfdw3 subomi-salami-at-lfdw4 subomi-salami-at-lfdw5 subomi-salami-at-lfdw54 subomi-salami-at-lfdw44 subomi-salami-at-lfdw9 subomi-salami-at-lfdw8 subomi-salami-at-lfdw7 subomi-salami-at-lfdw6 subomi-salami-at-lfdw55 subomi-salami-at-lfdw66 subomi-salami-at-lfdw88 subomi-salami-at-lfdw90 subomi-salami-at-lfdw557 subomi-salami-at-lfdw668



Bell sleeves are really rampart this season and I love them. This collection is strong and also has a playful side to it. I also love the use of halters and cold shoulders in the collection.

subomi-salami-at-lfdw subomi-salami-at-lfdw3 subomi-salami-at-lfdw4 subomi-salami-at-lfdw1 subomi-salami-at-lfdw45 subomi-salami-at-lfdw76 subomi-salami-at-lfdw44 subomi-salami-at-lfdw456 subomi-salami-at-lfdw6 subomi-salami-at-lfdw33 subomi-salami-at-lfdw5 subomi-salami-at-lfdw99 subomi-salami-at-lfdw9 subomi-salami-at-lfdw67 subomi-salami-at-lfdw8 subomi-salami-at-lfdw77 subomi-salami-at-lfdw90 subomi-salami-at-lfdw66 subomi-salami-at-lfdw556



This collection!!! This was the one that got everyone talking, the color palette, the statement bags, the silhouette, Everything about the collection amazed me. And the cohesiveness of the collection too, how it goes from light to dark. Its just beautiful.

subomi-salami-at-lfdw subomi-salami-at-lfdw2 subomi-salami-at-lfdw3 subomi-salami-at-lfdw4 subomi-salami-at-lfdw5 subomi-salami-at-lfdw13 subomi-salami-at-lfdw14 subomi-salami-at-lfdw12 subomi-salami-at-lfdw10 subomi-salami-at-lfdw9 subomi-salami-at-lfdw6 subomi-salami-at-lfdw7 subomi-salami-at-lfdw8 subomi-salami-at-lfdw17 subomi-salami-at-lfdw18 subomi-salami-at-lfdw19 subomi-salami-at-lfdw21 subomi-salami-at-lfdw20 subomi-salami-at-lfdw15



This collection also featured the creative use of bell sleeves and strong colors like red. It is a really beautiful collection and I would love to wear every piece of the collection.

subomi-salami-at-lfdw1 subomi-salami-at-lfdw6 subomi-salami-at-lfdw5 subomi-salami-at-lfdw7 subomi-salami-at-lfdw54 subomi-salami-at-lfdw9 subomi-salami-at-lfdw8 subomi-salami-at-lfdw4 subomi-salami-at-lfdw3 subomi-salami-at-lfdw2



This collection is for the strong lady who wants to look bold, sexy but still appreciates her roots and tribal essence. It’s unconventional but stays wearable and beautiful.

subomi-salami-at-lfdw77 subomi-salami-at-lfdw22 subomi-salami-at-lfdw8 subomi-salami-at-lfdw7 subomi-salami-at-lfdw6 subomi-salami-at-lfdw9 subomi-salami-at-lfdw4 subomi-salami-at-lfdw3 subomi-salami-at-lfdw2 subomi-salami-at-lfdw81 subomi-salami-at-lfdw5 subomi-salami-at-lfdw

**Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna). 


Apart from the wonderful collections I got to see, my LFDW experience was not so good. The show started so freakin late, I was not prepared for that at all and also I witnessed some funny events during the final day. Like putting of a couch on the runway, the freakin runway.

But anyway, Nigerian designers cheered me up wen the sow started with their amazing pieces, I hope next year would be a lot better.


Did you attend LFDW? How was your experience and what were your favorite collections. Please leave your views and any questions in the comments sections below!

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