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Should you buy? House of Coco Skincare

Welcome to a new section on my blog! This would contain all product reviews giving you my personal experience with these products and answering your questions on to buy or to ditch!

This year I made a resolution to create long lasting skincare routines and some products I received from House of Coco definitely made the cut. I was contacted by the House of Coco team to try out some key products in their skincare line. I was a bit skeptical as I prefer to use chemical/non-organic skincare products because they work better for my skin. But I had seen so many good reviews about House of Coco on the gram and I decided to give it a try!

I received three products from House of Coco, the Anti Acne facial cleansing wash, the Cleansing facial toner and the Hydrating facial lotion. I only used the first two products consistently alongside the other products in my skincare routine.


Packaging – I really loved the packaging of the product, when the box was opened there was a burst of color! The personalized note was also very thoughtful of the brand.

Products – The Anti Acne facial cleansing wash includes black soap and tea tree oil and due to my sensitive skin, it peppered when it was on for too long. When using this product, I advise keeping it on for just a short period of time. After using this consistently for about 3 weeks, my skin brightened up and looked more glowy ( if you know what I mean). Check pictures below for proof!



Cost – Though this products were sent to me courtesy of the team, I managed to pull the prices from their website.

Anti Acne facial wash – From N2000 ( depends on the size)

Cleansing Facial Toner – From N3000 (depends on the size)

Hydrating facial milk – N7000

Should you buy? This product gives good value for the money paid. Before buying, I suggest you have a consultation with the brand (this is free). This is to ensure your skin type is taken into consideration and the right products are sent over. Remember what works for my skin may or may not work for yours but it’s worth a try!

*This is a sponsored post but trust me to give you the tea as it is!

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