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GIRLPOWER series|Kemi Akinboyewa

Yes to discovering new amazing bloggers! I remember the day I came across Kemi’s blog, Skylish, I was feeling so overwhelmed with blog and school work alike and was wondering how I was going to adequately balance both. While reading a recent post on her blog I realized that she’s an Investment banker(Even longer hours than you typical 8-5 job) and yet she still manages to post consistently. I noticed something that remained key in all her tips and that was organization and it has definitely helped me these past few days.

I decided to share this with you guys to keep you inspired in your endeavors!

  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

My name is Kemi Akinboyewa and I’m a full-time Investment Banking analyst who blogs part time on Skylish! I blog about all things lifestyle and fashion with a little bit of beauty on the side. I love to motivate and empower women, especially young women, as I feel that’s what I needed growing up!

This had led to me writing up tons of advice posts about relationships, careers, school and entrepreneurship, which has recently become much more of a focal point on my blog in recent months.

  1. How would you describe your blogging style?

I would say my blog is like an open book. I share a lot about my life and talk about a lot of the experiences I’ve had in the past to give an opinion on several topics. Not to necessarily say I divulge every single last detail of my life, but as a blog reader you’d be pretty clued up about what I’m up to in my life.

However, I think this recent rawness in my posts and openness in my voice has actually helped my blog and brought in a lot more returning readers.

  1. When did you first get into blogging and what inspired you?

I started making websites online when I was around 10 years old. I started out making websites called ‘doll websites’ (shout out to anyone who knows what that is!) Eventually I switched to having a blog where I also provided designs for people and their websites.

When I started, there weren’t many bloggers about and over the years I’ve watched the industry has blown up to be what it is now! I also didn’t take it seriously or even put my absolute all into it for quite some time.

  1. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Organization is key! I work very long hours in my job so if I want to blog, I have no choice but to be efficient. So I plan all my posts (such that I already know literally weeks in advance what I’m going to be writing about). I write my posts for the week over the weekends, and schedule them such that I upload Mondays and Thursdays after work.

Also, I use an excel file I created to track what I’m going to post and when, how much I’ve posted and what posts are doing particularly well (planning to offer this tool out to readers also soon!)

  1. What has been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

I think what makes blogging the hardest is just how mentally taxing it can be. Sometimes I honestly feel so discouraged about my blog and just ask myself “what am I even doing here?!” It happened yesterday and a kind comment from a reader is what reminded me that the simple answer is that I really just love doing what I do!

They say ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, which is the absolute truth, and I always remind myself just to focus on what I’m doing and ride out my own personal journey.

  1. Have you met anyone interesting on your blogging journey. If so, please tell us about the encounter?

I think I’ve encountered too many amazing people along the way to name just one. This includes several fabulous bloggers at different events, my photographer (Marianna Paul who is just so talented and even people on my blog!

  1. How would you describe your personal style and is there someone who is a fashion inspiration to you?

I have tons of people I look to for fashion inspiration and it changes every day. Some people I think are killing it with their style include Fisayo Longe, Patricia Bright, Kylie Jenner and Sarah Ashcroft!

 8. What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger? (Invitations to fashion events, interaction with people, etc.)

I think creating good content is what I see as being the greatest satisfaction. Being able to look back on and read what I’ve created, and see the response posts and photos have received. It always makes me feel good about what I’m doing.

The events, the opportunities and the gifting is also of course a bonus which I also love and appreciate. But those things are definitely not the ole purpose behind my blogging.  

9.  Could you give some advice for the newbie fashion bloggers in the house?

My first tip is to strive for good quality! Quality over quantity, every time. When I first started out as a blogger the quality of my posts was appalling, I shot grainy photos which I uploaded from my webcam, and seemed more focused on churning out lots of content vs. creating some amazing content.

Quality is what will make your blog grow – especially given how saturated the industry is right now!


Also, I would advise new bloggers to be true to themselves. You don’t need to accept every opportunity that comes your way, you don’t need to write a certain type of blog post just because every other blogger is, be unique and be real with yourself and that is how you will find yourself more satisfied in the content you create.


Twitter: @_skylish

Instagram: @_skylish

Snapchat: kemiakinn

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