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Four new skills I want to perfect

Hey darlings, How was your weekend? Christmas is drawing so close and I don’t know why a lot of people aren’t yet in the festive mood already. I mean Christmas is next week guys! So I’m a person who is into personal development big time. I love learning new things and improving the stuff I already know.

I feel personal development should be a very important part of everyone’s life as that’s the basis for a lot of things. When you’re properly developed and versed in the areas you care about, it strengthens self confidence and self esteem.

So for the rest of 2016 and into the new year, these are the four skills I’ll love to develop;

1 Sewing

You know there are sometimes you see some outfits and they are so beautiful but so damn expensive. That’s why sewing is number one on my list. Learning how to sew will definitely help me bring a lot of my ideas to life through clothes and it’s even a skill that can bring money in this our recession. Those on my Instagram(@subomisalami) would know from instastory that I actually already started learning about two weeks ago and although I like to call myself a fast learner, It’s definitely harder than I thought it would be! Kudos to all the tailors and Fashion designers!

If only I could get this sort of aesthetically pleasing sewing machine!!

Credit: Pinterest

2 Editing photos

This is an important skill for every blogger, social media enthusiast and so on. A lot of bloggers like me do not always have access to professional cameras and it’s a major struggle as most people use this as an excuse for not posting. One thing I learned recently is You’ve got to work with what you have. If you have a phone that has a camera then you can definitely work with that. I normally visit blogs that focus on photography or iphonography to learn about making photos better. Also there are a multitude of free apps which can be used to whiten the background of photos, reduce exposure and stuff like that!

Though I’m still a beginner when it comes to editing photos, these are some of my works which I used in my previous post on how to make perfume last longer!





Guide on How to make your perfume last longer and how to use perfume properly


Guide on How to make your perfume last longer and how to use perfume properly

3 Facebeat

In 2017, My Face-beat is going to be perfect, Can I hear an Amen! I just absolutely love it when I see people who have perfect make up on and although I can apply make up to an extent, I want to learn how to apply it and make it look professional. I’m going to go about this mainly by watching my favorite you tubers and learning from my makeup friends lol.

4 Networking

This is also a very important skill for bloggers and It’s one I’m not so versed in! I like to consider myself not friendly(though some people tell me otherwise) but It’s going to change very soon. I would definitely like to have more blogger friends so if you’re a blogger and interested, you can shoot me a mail(subieey@gmail), Let’s start from there!


Thanks guys for reading! What skills are you currently developing or plan to develop. Do we share any in common? Do let me know in the comments section!

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