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Life Update|February Tales

Hey guys,Happy New month. We have spent about 60 days into this new month and though I feel February dragged a little for me, I am thankful to God we all made it into this new month. Last month was super hectic for me because I’m preparing for professional exams and I have not even really had time to blog but I’m going to make this March a turnaround month for me. So this is how my February went, Currently I am,

Craving- More Minimal Jewelry. And I’m a gold girl btw, I don’t really fancy silver except I have no choice!

Listening to- Joyce Meyer. I recently started watching her videos on YouTube and she has vastly impacted my life already. I’m also listening to Mr Eazi’s songs, can’t seem to get enough of him lol.

In awe of- Seyi of InFashionITrust. Her blog is just so beautiful and inspiring and I also love how her pictures are edited. Seriously, you guys should check her out, you’d probably like her too. I also had an interview with her in my last GIRLPOWER post where she talked about her hussle and her blogging journey.

Feeling- Overwhelmed about all the goals I’ve slacked on and have to re evaluate but Thankful and Happy because I know God is on my side and would give me whatever strength I need.

Loving- My new mini tote I got from Zaful. I’ve wanted a mini tote since like forever and when Zaful contacted me for a collaboration, you bet that was the first thing I picked. Watch this space for the post on the collaboration guys!!

Watching- Lots of YouTube and discovering lots of Youtubers. Patricia Bright is like my fave now, I also love Chrissie Milan and Jenni Jenkins. These are just a few of all my best Youtubers!

Reading- My books for exams. Like I don’t have time to read anything else!

Determined to- Post more on Instagram. I wanted to post at least once a day but that has not been going so well for me. Anyways, I could always pick myself up and continue from where I stopped, right! Instagram is a better platform to get up close and personal with me so you can follow me, here @subomisalami.

Regretting- Not meeting my posting goals for the month of February but I know this month would be better. Thank you all for sticking with me and reading my blog despite little slip-ups sometimes.

What were you guys up to this month of February and how far did you go in achieving your goals for last month?

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