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Currently I am #4|January Tales

Hey darlings, How was your week? Mine has been filled with lots of school stuff but I’m now fully settled in school. I decided to do a bring the Currently I am tag with me to 2017 because it’s one of the few ways I can connect with you guys on  a personal level! So here goes,

Craving- More sunglasses. I really want to start building my sunglasses collection so if you guys know any affordable store. Please let me know in the comments!


Listening to- Any nice songs I can find on I hardly download songs because Im oh so lazy and I always tend to forget the songs I want when I’m ready to download! But I normally listen to musiconline on that website, they have a wide variety of songs.

In awe of- Kemi of Skylish. She works in investment banking approximately an 8 – 9 job and she still has the time to blog consistently. That’s a super woman right there. She has inspired me to take my blog serious and blog consistently no matter what.

Feeling- Happy! I decided to start growing my blog lovin followers and in the past week I grew from 2 to 18. To me that’s wonderful progress and I’d love you guys to follow here.

Appreciating-My blog readers! My blog stats have received a hike, you guys are just the best. I’m also thankful for all the Nigerian blogging platforms that are being created as a medium for Nigerian bloggers to meet and interact!

Loving- My new clear cat eye sunglasses I got from @haute.signatures on Instagram. The’re so pretty, affordable ( I got them for only 2000 Naira) and they have definitely become a staple in my handbag!

Watching- Merlin! I know but I’ve just never watched it before. I coincidentally collected it from my friend and I’ve been watching it non-stop since then.

Reading- 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. I’ve heard about this book a lot of times and in my first currently I am post I was determined to read more books and I’ve defininitely been trying my best!

Determined to- Post consistently, Attend all my classses this semester or at least the most important ones! Also, I’d love to discover more blogs so you guys should drop your links below!

Regretting- Nothing really. God has been so good since 2017 started!

Thank you guys for reading this post. Do let me know what you are currently up to in the comments section!

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