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Currently I am #2|December Tales

Hey darlings, How has your week been? Merry Christmas guys! I’ts almost the end of the year and I want to thank each and every one that takes out time to visit my blog, leave a comment and share my posts. I started blogging again in October and I’m amazed at the amount of views already, you guys are the real MVP’s.Today,I just spent precious time with my family and ate so much Rice and Chicken!  So this post is to give you guyys a life update on what’s been going on with my life, So here goes!

Wishing– There was no recession in Nigeria. Like, prices of everything is now so high! I couldn’t even believe that nobody blew banger in my side, Christmas was just so quiet!

Craving– Chinese food! Have you guys seen my last review on Chinese food! Not so far away but I feel like eating Chinese every blessed day and this is Christmas, I should totally treat myself! Don’t you think?

Listening to-John Legend new album! It’s my jam lol, Also listening to all Christmas songs I can lay my hands on!

Appreciating– My family! They’ve been everything and more to me this year actively supporting all my endeavors. Also, I’m thankful for all the blogger babes and guys I interacted with this year, they’ve truly been a blessing to me. Thirdly, my Readers, you guys are the reason I’m even writing this now. It has been an amazing year!

Loving– @shopmaju’s holiday collection. They used a lot of pleats and metallics in the collection which gives it that shiny holiday feel. My favorite pieces are down below and the tote with the lips on it is just so gorg! It would be my everyday bag. I’m also loving my EOS lip balm,(those balms that look like an egg). Evolution of smooth helps lips like mine(which are almost always chapped remain soft and juicy yunno)

Watching– Project Runway! I’m so crazy about this show I can’t even believe it. I’ve gone as far back as season 4 and downloaded almost all seasons till episode 15! They also show it on DSTV. The show is a good place to learn more about fashion diction and current trends!

Reading– New blogs! Such as where I can properly learn how to build capsule wardrobes that fit my style and not just doing buy buy up and down buying clothes I won’t clothes I won’t wear!

Determined to– Remain consistent in posting and enter into the new year with a happy, light heart!

Regretting-Nothing really, Life has been really good!

Inspired byMaryam Salam,Founder of The blogger point. She has adequately created a platform for Nigerian bloggers to interact while making sure her own blog is still filled with quality content. I’ve also had the chance of working with her and she is truly an amazing person!

Feeling– Happy, because today I spent quality time with members of my family and ate a lot! I’m also feeling thankful because of  God’s mercies upon my life, He is truly faithful!

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Thank you guys for reading! Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and also let me know how Christmas was for you guys!

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