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2018 Blog & Life goals + 2017 Outfits and Giveaway

Happy new year beautiful people! Most of my goals last year were documented in a small journal always inside my bag and this book is hardly shown to anyone. This year I have decided to take a different approach in penning down my goals and share it with you guys so that I would remain accountable and not slack off in 2018!

Blog goals

1. Consistency

I recently saw a quote about consistency and success and it got me thinking, a lot. It made me realize that no matter what you are doing in life, consistency is one key ingredient to being successful.

I plan to have a post up every week but at worst, every two weeks. This also extends to my Instagram where I am challenging myself to consistently post at least once daily! I have done this for about one week and already seen a spike in following and likes.

2. Authenticity

One of my major goals this year is to speak to my blog readers with my authentic voice and so you guys really get to know the face and voice behind the blog.

3. Camera and photography skills

This is essential for every blogger that craves success. I currently use an IPod Touch to take all blog flat lays and general pictures but I collaborate with photographers for outfit pictures. This collabo part can harm consistency because sometimes it is a struggle finding photographers! In 2018, I want to be in control of taking my pictures, maybe even get a Tripod so I take the pictures entirely myself!

4. Re-branding

By re-branding, I don’t mean changing the entire blog but having a color and font theme. Basically going back to the most basic and littlest things and making sure they all fit the brand aesthetic.

5. Collaborations

Working with new bloggers and brands is definitely on my top 2018 goals so if shoot me an email and let’s talk!

6. Meet more bloggers

I would love to personally meet and have more blogger friend so we can share the good and bad parts of being a blogger especially in Nigeria.

Life goals

1. Splurging

I’m very different from most people in the sense that I’m a saver, I don’t spend my money without thinking twice or even thrice about it! This year, I want to start thinking less and spending more! Becoming less frugal would be a major achievement for me in 2018.

2. Academics

I am graduating university in July (An ovation for me please) and I want to finish in the best possible manner. So a few of the goals in this category including getting an A in my final project/thesis, Attending all classes and generally being more involved in school activities as this is my last year yunno.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

School is a weight loss program for me so I’m not even bothered. Once I resume school, I’d be dropping pounds like its water.

4. Leave toxic friendships

My circle has always been small but there are some toxic people I need to get away from. People who try to dull my shine by preying on insecurities, people who don’t inspire me in anyway, yeah.

5. Read more books

I used to be an avid book reader but in 2017 maybe I read 2 books or 3. This year I want to read at least 20 books!

I have so many more goals but these I have shared with you guys are the most important ones and by the end of this year, I’m pretty sure I’d be ticking them all off! What are your goals for this year?

In case you didn’t notice, the pictures in this post is a compilation of all my outfit posts in 2017. Which one is your favorite and why?


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