My Bad Beauty Habits

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My Bad Beauty Habits

Who else has an ever lasting struggle with sticking to beauty routines/regimes. Well I’m definitely on that list. There are some major things that always hinder me from reaching my skin goals and sticking with my routines and I’m going to be highlighting them in this post. These are habits I want to work on in the nearest future and what better way to start than sharing the bad habits with you guys.

A problem shared is a problem half solved!

       I’m sure a lot of us still do this even though we all know this is bad for our skin. I’m definitely one of the laziest people I know and breaking this habit would most likely be a hard one. You know sometimes, when you’re settled in bed and then you remember that your makeup is still on, you just have to sleep like that lol. But I have started working consciously on this and would not let it stop me from reaching them skin goals.

      I honestly don’t know why I still do this but I guess it’s one of those habits that never really go away. Though I’m not a chronic nail biter but I still don’t like how my nails appear without fixing them. I have tried almost everything in the book, but somehow my hand still gets to my mouth. The only thing that seems to stop me is when my nails are fixed because I don’t want to ruin my mani.

   It’s very obvious that makeup brushes need to be cleaned due to the fact that they can easily pick up dirt and bacteria which wouldn’t help your skin. But No, I still continue to forget to do this seemingly important makeup ritual.

 It took me a while to realize makeup could expire. I know, kind of embarrassing but It is what it is. I knew that makeup products obviously could not be used forever but I did not know there was a formal date, you know like in food products and stuff. When I found out, I immediately when to clean out my makeup stash and I had close to zero makeup products left.

Thank you for reading this post. We all have habits that hinder us from our beauty routines and skin goals. These are some of mine, do let me know in the comments section what yours are or If we have any bad habit in common!


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