The most important product in my skincare routine

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The most important product in my skincare routine

Everyone that uses skincare products has that ride or die one that works like magic for them. If you don’t you probably have not found it yet. I’m happy to announce to you that I have found mine. It’s the Clean &Clear Blackhead clearing cleanser.

Let me give context on my skin and its issues. I have really manageable combination skin (only oily on my nose area). I’ve never really been one to have acne or spots on my skin but I have really large pores and this could be the death of me. While my skin has always been clear, it has never really been smooth or glowing and I never thought I needed to care for my skin until a little while ago I consciously started doing so.

I have heard masks are good to  reduce pores but I have not really found one that works for me except a couple of DIY’s I have done which I cannot afford to include in my routine – This is a call for help! Please let me know in the comments your favorite face masks which can help to reduce pores.

Before going back to school, while shopping for new products at Mama Dupe cosmetics (Balogun Market), I decided to change my cleanser. This is a decision I have not regretted till date. I was attracted to the cleanser because I saw boldly written that changes are noticed from day 1. I’m just very curious and wanted to check if that was true. They weren’t lying guys, from day 1 I noticed smoother skin esp around my nose where my pores are the largest.

The only issue I have with this product is that the results seem kind of temporary. I have been using it for 2 weeks and while I have seen reasonable changes, the day I don’t use it my skin is a little less smoother than the day before.


Affordability – The cleanser cost me 2,200 Naira but I saw it at another store for 2000 Naira. The price would depend on where you buy it from.

Effectiveness – Consistency is key when using skincare products and I’m glad I’ve been with this one. Rated 8/10







Pinterest Image, How to reduce poresDisclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, this post is made from my experience with this product. This products are not guaranteed to work for you 
how they work for me but a trial wouldn’t hurt.

What is your skin type and the ride or die product you use? And do you have any suggestions for masks I can use to reduce my pores?


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