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Welcome to my blog where I display my obsession with  life, food, fashion and good pictures.

Hi There, Thank you for visiting my blog. You may be a loyal reader or a newcomer and you must be keen to find out more about the person behind this blog. I’m Subomi Salami and I love writing, fashion, art and good pictures. What better way to merge them all together than starting up a Fashion & Lifestyle blog.

In my blogging journey, there have been a couple of ups, downs and some mishaps along the way including losing my blog content (The worst thing to ever happen). I started blogging in October 2015 but  re-started in October 2016 after losing my content- Find out more in my first post here.

I’m quite a shy person and this blog has been a journey for me to come out of my shell. This blog led me to make a conscious decision to always see beauty in everything that surrounds me and that has been one of my best decisions so far. I now love to draw inspiration from the life around me, books, movies, music and even food. This post where I spilled 20 things about me that majority of people don’t know would definitely give you some insight into the person behind this blog.

About My Fashion Musings

Like I said earlier, I created this blog to document my journey from a shy, simple girl to someone who easily expresses her emotions through the things she love – Like Fashion! How I named my blog is a really funny story – I had just learnt the word musings which I heard while listening to music and immediately I checked up the meaning. I realized I had lots of unwritten musings about fashion (and other stuff) which I wanted to share with the world.

Apart from this blog being a place for me to express my creativity and obsessions, It’s also a space that empowers other creatives, hence the Girlpower series. This is a series of interviews where I interview interested female creatives who share their stories to inspire and motivate.

I also love meeting and connecting with new people so let’s go on this journey to inspire others together. Please send me an email to say hello or message me on Instagram! If you are interested in collaborations, Please find more details here!

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