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5 things not worth your time

First things first, how did this month move so freaking fast! Can someone please slow it down a bit?!

We are in the month of February, the month of love and I’m sure we have all shown ourselves love in various ways. Personally, I like to buy new shoes and eat good food (which I have been doing a lot) and while all that is amazing, we tend to forget one very important way to love ourselves.

Getting rid of the unimportant things that are not worth your time.

These things cause us so much worry and headache yet majority of us do not reflect back and cut these things out of our lives. Time is a very valuable resource because of how scarce it is (i.e. Look how February flew by) and we need to be strategic with how we use it. For me, it’s definitely still a work in progress.

Over the course of this month, I have consciously cut some things out of my life and I’m definitely better at it now. I urge everyone to be intentional with what our time is spent on and go through this list to see some things that are not worth your time.


Things totally out of your control

Many of us tend to overthink things such as the behavior of others or what people thing about us. Can you do something about it? If you can’t then there’s no point at all thinking/worrying about this. Your time needs to be spent making the things you can actually control better. If you can’t control it then it’s not worth your time.

Friends we don’t vibe with

I like to call this ‘forced friendships’. Once the relationship becomes a one sided relationship and you know no effort is put in from their side, then why stay? I’m also grouping these friends (are they really?) with those that talk sh*t behind your back or aren’t pleased when you are happy. I previously had this friend that always tries to put me down. She usually does this through mellow but very sinister comments whenever something good happens to me. I’m sure y’all relate but really a second of your time should not be spent on these kind of half assed relationships.


This is very similar to the first point above. Instead of looking at the lives of others and being envious, why not work on the things you can control, i.e. yourself?

Things you don’t enjoy

Sometimes the books, movies or even activities our friends/family enjoy may not be the same for us and a lot of people try hard to enjoy these things but just can’t. For example, last year during the game of thrones craze, literally everyone I knew watched and enjoyed it. Even my mum. So I was pressured into forcing myself to watch this movie that was boring to me and it was not a nice time for me. At all. If you don’t enjoy something even though others say it’s the best thing ever, don’t bother and definitely don’t force yourself. It’s not worth your time.

What do they think about me?

You should not care.

You cannot make everybody happy so why even bother what they think. Live life as you please and do the things that make you happy and fulfilled. I realized this quite late in my life and while I’m still taking steps to be my best self, I now understand that what they think of me actually doesn’t matter.


Top – Thrifted (N200 at Yaba)

Pants – I’ve had it for as long as I remember

Bag – @oeclat

Shoes – @DuneLondon

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Let me know some things you think are not worth your time in the comments section below!

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