20 Things you probably don’t know about me

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20 Things you probably don’t know about me

Hey lovelies, Hope you guys are doing fine. I’m about two weeks into my examinations and the workload is finally reducing, Yay! So recently I realized that on Bloglovin my previous posts can still be read and I noticed that before my blog vamoosed into thin air, I put up a post to allow readers get to know me more. Since that post is gone, I decided to write another post about myself so old and new readers alike can learn more about me!

Also, I have been playing around with themes for the blog and I’m just so indecisive but What do you guys think of this one?

So I’m going personal on the blog today to give you guys a peak at me behind the blogging scenes lol. So enough of my rambling, here are 20 random facts about me.

  • My middle name is Rashidat (Very few people know this)
  • I’m either the most introverted person you’ll ever meet or the most extroverted. Simply put, I’m an extroverted introvert. If I meet you and we vibe, then we are definitely going to have the best moments.
  • I’m Taurus, so when it comes to things I want to do, I’m really strong-willed and determined. ( Like for real though, I wouldn’t stop till I get it.)
  • I’m still on the journey of self discovery and acceptance and I’ve come a long way since I started this blog.                dsc_0388
  • I’m younger than people think I am,Won’t spill that here o!
  • When I grow older, I want to be a full time blogger, fashion designer, author, Can’t ever make up my mind because I actually want to be so many things.                                               
  •  I have short fingernails which I really wish could grow longer. I don’t fancy fixing my nails every time I want them long.                                                                                                                                                                                            dsc_0389  
  • Pizza calls me every blessed day!
  • I go to college at Covenant University and it is really not my favorite place to be rn. I cant wait to leave.(Soon though)
  • Although people may say it’s impossible to learn how to draw but I did. I really wanted to express my self and the artsy side of me so I thought, what better way? Though it was a little hard and sometimes I felt like It would never work but due to my Taurus tendencies I stayed strong and kept on going.                                                            img_1888                                         (Don’t mind the feet, Actually one of my first major works)
  • I’m actually really playful and a big talkative. Ask those dear to my heart.
  • There’s a really special someone in my life right now. 
  • I used to have like a million blogs before I started this one. I get easily distracted sometimes.
  • For me academics are very serious and I’m extremely good at math(You need to see me durng exams, you wouldn’t even recognize me lol)
  • Most people who look at me from the outside think I’m a snob I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. 
  • Although it’s a cliché, I still feel that when dressing, simplicity is the utmost sophistication.                                        dsc_0387
  • Basically I live out of a box because I have homes at both Lagos and Abuja so wherever I choose to go for the holidays, I just pickup my box, my gadgets and I’m off.
  • I tend to be a cry baby around people I’m comfortable with.
  • I get inspiration when I’m alone and I hate to be disturbed during these times I’m in the moment 
  • If I ever see you at an even event and I don’t say hi, I’m probably just shy and all.                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Outfit details

  • Dress- @shopdesireeiyama

  • Shoes-Asos 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. I would really like to learn more about you guys. Please leave one or more random facts about yourself in the comments section. Let’s see how similar we are!

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